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“From a Silver Past to a Golden Future - - We Honor Excellence” . . . On Wednesday April 16, our El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame "Fab 4" Roll Call continues: Class of 2000 Honoree Trini Guillen who was the "Ace" Pitcher for the 1949 Texas High School State Baseball Champion Bowie Bears; El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame Past President, Hall of Fame Inaugural Board of Directors and Class of 1990 Honoree Victor Fayant who coached his teams to a 564-58 record; El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame Inaugural Class of 1988 Honoree William C. "Nemo" Herrera who coached Bowie High School to El Paso's first high school State Baseball Championship in 1949 and earned induction to 4 different Halls of Fame; Class of 2001 Honoree William Sanchez Jr. who was a multi-sport star at El Paso High School and Denver University, selected "Minor League Executive of the Year" in 1978 and named the Director for the 1980 Major League All Star Game; Class of 2000 Honoree Willie Tapia a 2X All District player for Ysleta High School who won numerous batting titles often hitting over .400 from age 13 through his days in the Old Timers League and Class of 2004 Honoree Yvan Armando Rechy who was a multi-sport star at El Paso High School and Texas Western, he was a "Umpire Extraordinaire" and he has been inducted into 3 different Halls of Fame . . . Thank you to Lisa Osborne Brock and Patricia Jacobes for their pictures of our annual Hall of Fame Banquets found by hitting the Home Plate on our Home Page . . . Thank you for your continued support!


Fernando Grado



Thomas J. “Tommy” Carrillo

Vice President


Raul Real y Vasquez



Dana Eisenga



Larry Hernandez

Immediate Past President

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