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* * * Only 22 Banquet tickets remain * * * Our "Induction Weekend" October 3 & 4 is highlighted by our Saturday October 4, 2014 El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame Banquet honoring our "Class of 2014" Inductees: Jerry Antwine, John Carpenter, David Del Toro, Kevin Ham and Joe "Sonny" Parra and 2014 Honorees Victor Falvey, Justin Maese, Marc Herrera and Eudor Garcia-Pacheco - - details below . . . “From a Silver Past to a Golden Future - - We Honor Excellence” . . . For Friday September 19, 2014 our "Nifty 9 Roll Call" continues: Class of 2010 Honoree Floyd “Butch” Henry the All District, All City and All State Pitcher for Eastwood High School, drafted and signed with the Cincinnati Reds in 1987, played in the Major Leagues with Houston, Colorado, Montreal, Boston, and Seattle and he is "considered one of the best if not the best Left Handed Pitchers to ever play high school baseball in El Paso"; El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame Son/Father duo Member and Class of 2013 Honoree Frank Anthony Castillo the All District and All City player at Eastwood High School, drafted and signed with the Chicago Cubs in 1987, at the age of 22, he made his Major League debut tossing 8 shutout innings against the Pittsburgh Pirates and he enjoyed a 13 year Major League career pitching in 297 games for the Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox and Class of 1994 Honoree Frank “Chito” Flores who during his 41 years playing baseball had a .340 batting average . . . "Tee Off" as we launch our "El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend" with our Oct. 3, 2014 2-Person Scramble Golf Tournament - - you still have time to join us to play at Vista Hills Country Club; details below . . . Thank you to Lisa Osborne Brock and Patricia Jacobes for their pictures of our annual Hall of Fame Banquets found by hitting the Home Plate on our Home Page . . . Thank you for your continued support!


Fernando Grado



Thomas J. “Tommy” Carrillo

Vice President


Raul Real y Vasquez



Dana Eisenga



Larry Hernandez

Immediate Past President

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