Fred Loya

Elected in 2020 – Inducted in 2021
Fred Loya is a United States Army Veteran and co-steward with his wife of 55 years Maria in sharing the family’s Blessings and charity with the El Paso baseball community
The empowerment of youth and their activities is paramount to the family’s mission.
Fred Loya raised his original one-man agency to become the nation’s largest independent auto agency with over 3,200 employees and over 700 offices
The family agency is recognized as the largest family-owned, closely held auto insurance company in the United States
He has firsthand experience that dreams that are nourished can come true.
His success in one field has led him to choose to inspire on another field
Local teams have received assistance in fundraising, renovating fields, providing scoreboards, sponsoring field signs for area schools and the El Paso Chihuahuas
His commitment has grown to understanding and assisting the mission of all organizations who fuel the hopes and dreams of the child playing T-Ball, the youngster playing youth baseball, the high school player hoping to advance to a college opportunity and the player who continues his journey as a Professional
Fred Loya’s resources recognize positive accomplishments which enhance not only the recognition of the athlete but also energize our Pride for El Paso
The Loya Family believes that organized sports are a perfect complement to the outstanding education provided young students in the classrooms by our superb team of El Paso area teachers and administrators