Louis Rey

Inducted in 2002
Played youth leagues in Juarez in 1937 and Los Angeles
Started playing when he was 11 years old
Enlisted in United States Army and played in Tokyo Japan in 1951 and 1952
Played in Seoul Korea in 1953
After service commitment with United States Army returned to play in 1961 with the El Paso Police for 3 seasons
Started playing again in 1969 through 1976 in the El Paso Old Timers league
At the age of 43, he played with Forti’s Forties, Galindo’s Rainbows and Montelongo Cleaners
He was named to the All Star team 7 times in the Old Timers League
He won the home run and batting title in 1973
From 1969 to 1976, he hit .313, .413, .393, .413, .547, .370, .308 and .355
His combined batting average during this span of time was .389
Resumed his playing career at age 60 and played until age 65 playing for the El Paso 40-60 Club in the Old Pro Baseball League
In 1991, at age 65 he hit 18 home runs and was named “Most Valuable Player”
In 1993 at the age of 67 he played for the Texas Mexico Astros in the 6th Annual Senior Baseball League Championships in Arizona