Ray Sanchez

Inducted in 1989
Joined the El Paso Herald Post as a sports writer in 1949
First person hired by Hall of Famer Bob Ingram to staff El Paso area sports coverage
Covered all aspects of baseball from youth, Optimists, PONY, Mickey Mantle, high school, college, Semi-Pro, Old Timers, Professional baseball and the World Series
One of the founders of Little League in El Paso in 1950
Served as official scorekeeper for the El Paso professional baseball teams
In the 1950’s and 1960’s, he served as the official scorekeeper of the El Paso Major Softball League
Covered the World Series in 1985
Original Board Member of the El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame
Wrote the book “Glory Road” on Texas Western Miners journey to NCAA National Basketball Championship which was later adapted into a movie
Scored a on-camera role in the movie, “Glory Road”
Served as President of the El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame
Author of numerous articles for numerous publications as recently as November 2010
Recognized authority on the evolution of El Paso baseball and its players for over the past 60 years
Honored as 2019 Sun Bowl Legend